AWESOME link for you & a blessing I got.

AWESOME link!! Click here to head on over to "" she has a great article on pantry challenges. Sounds like she is really trying to tighten her belt, but a few of the suggestions would pertain to a great many of us right here and now.

Now for my blessing, as many of you know I love and we buy a lot from that site. I bought the DVD Tea with Michelle Duggar, I know, I know, some of you don't care for the show, so please have a great day & skip this post  :O)  

 I was so blessed by the DVD and plan to have my family watch it with me.
As an adoptive mom (I've had 4 miscarriages) to an only child, I so enjoy the Duggar's take on parenting and children. She has never made me feel less of a mom for not being able to "be fruitful and multiply", she has shown me the blessings of having even just one child. I really got a lot of out the video on how to train my child in the ways of the Lord, simple, easy ways. WOW!!  I also laughed when she spoke of the piles of laundry and 2 hours of washing dishes (things that can't be put in the dishwasher) and how to get your kids to work together. You will be blessed beyond measure from this DVD. Here is a link for more info Tea with Michelle Duggar. They have the DVD on sale this month. (I do not get any thing for posting about this DVD  :O)
Have a great Saturday and hug your child (or children!)