And the winner is...................

Well first I must give you my disclaimer in detail on how the winner was picked  :O)    This is very technical so stick with me on

First I painstakingly printed out the name of each person who entered (remember 1 entry per post).

Then I cut them each out and carefully folded them all the same way.

Then placed them in the secret Corelle ballot box bowl.

Then my adorable assistant picked out one name.


And the winner is.............

Drawing for the winner of the Hodgson Mills giveaway!!

Well, Friday has come and gone! lol......sorry about that. I've been running around to doctor appointments and things slipped through the cracks. So I shall have my son put the names in a bowl and will draw here in a few minutes. 1 name per post, up to 5x  :O)

Be back in a jiffy.

How I spent my day.

I spent the day wrapping Christmas
Yes, I like to get an early start. I shop all year long and get goodies as I see them on sale or if someone comments that they like this or that.
Now off to hide them somewhere.

Got any good holiday gift tips for us?

I like to get things wrapped early and make a list as I go, so I know who I have bought for and what they are getting. That way if I find any extra I can decide if they get the gift this year or next year. Also helps me to keep track of extra things I have on hand for 'service people' that I like to give a little something for the holidays (postman, trash man).

Don't feel bad if you have not done your Christmas shopping yet or even started wrapping gifts yet, because I can almost bet that your Christmas tree will be up and decorated BEFORE mine will. You see, I have to badger my husband into going into the attic to get mine down. He is a firm believer that the tree goes up on Christmas Eve and comes down by New Years Day! LOL.......

I like to start my Christmas preparations early in the season so that I can relax and enjoy the true meaning of the holiday season without driving myself crazy. Remember even now that

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season. 


During our fall vacation break we traveled for a homeschool field trip and ended up getting a gluten free goodies bag from Hodgson Mill. We were familiar with them from when they use to be located in another state. So we decided to take a tour of the facility. They carry regular gluten items and also have a dedicated GF facility. I did not attend the tour due to the concern about all the flour in the air, one of the other ladies in our tour group is GF because it makes her feel better (also have a DD that has to be GF/CF) told me that she was glad that I did not go in since she said in the one plant you could taste the flour in your mouth (they were making pancake mix the day we were there.)

Front of the bag & products

Back side of the bag

I have a box of their Gluten Free Seasoned Coating Mix 10oz. (good to coat veggies, onion rings,) or a box of Gluten Free Sweet Yellow Cornbread Mix-12oz. or a Hodgson Mills reusable cloth grocery bag (it's huge, a double size of a paper grocery bag). Winners choice.
I just tried their pancake mix today and it was WONDERFUL!! I've used the cookie mix several times and love it too!  The prices on the website even with shipping are cheaper for me than buying at our local Walmart.
I don't get anything from Hodgson Mills for this giveaway, I just have some extra goodies from a gift bag that they gave to each person who took the tour. It was so nice that they gave me one too since I did not tour the plant, I stayed at the front office and chatted with the girls.

Now on to how to enter my giveaway. You must post on my blog and give me a tip to liven up my blog, I'm new at this and not sure what I need to do to make it more flashy  :O)  You may give me up to 5 tips (one per post) for 5 chances to win. Winner will be announced Friday November 11th.


Gluten Free Marble Cupcakes

I got this from a friend on a gluten free/casein free group. They are yummy and I just took my first batch out of the oven. I think the next batch I will skip the marble part, I'm not a big cocoa fan. But these are still really good!! Head on over to Marcie's blog for the recipe (click here)

NO milk, NO eggs, NO soy, NO wheat or gluten, NO tree nuts, NO peanuts, NO fish, NO Shellfish, yet these taste WONDERFUL!!

You can see one missing in the bottom right hand corner, I snatched on and ate it. YUM!!
And for those of you who are not big pumpkin fans, don't worry, these are not pumpkin flavored!! Though I am now thinking that when I leave the cocoa out of the next batch, that I might add in some pumpkin pie spice. I will report back on how that goes.

Back to baking!