"Praise God Anyway"

Sometimes our lives feel like we just dropped our ice cream cone and we are missing out.
I love this Precious Moments quote: "Praise God Anyway" 
A dear friend of mine named Beth died earlier this year from Pancreatic Cancer and she use to say this all the time. She had her share of dropped ice creams, their only child, an RN. was killed in a car accident, when this occurred my friend was in the hospital with a serious illness at the time of her daughters death, she then suffered through the removal of most all of her colon, they were able to save a few inches. She had 1 knee replaced last year and did great with it, then had the other one replaced later in the year and did great with it, then she suffered from terrible back pains afterwards. She went through all sorts of X-rays and physical therapy. They they found the real cause of her back pain, Pancreatic Cancer, the doctors performed the Whipple Procedure on her and for some reason it would not heal up, so she lost precious time waiting to start cancer treatments. Finally she got the treatments, never lost her hair (this was a big concern for her), but then the treatments were not working. So on hospice she went and what a blessing it was to find that our friend of ours (homeschooling mom's husband) was the RN that cared for her on hospice). So glad that we were able to see her a few times before the end, as it came very quickly. Her husband and niece an RN were visiting with friends in the other room when my dear friend was ushered into Glory. Beth will be enjoying her first Christmas with her Lord and Saviour. I'm happy sad about it all, but I'm still saying "Praise God Anyway".

My friend Beth has been on my mind since I was going through some piles of papers and came across her obituary this week.