Homeschooling, Character Training & Other Musings.

Well it's been a crazy 2 weeks here, but I really think it's been a full 2 weeks of learning experiences for our son. While I was hospitalized our son got his school work done each day, this I attribute to allowing him over the years to read over the teacher manuals (not the answer keys, but the actual lesson plans and teacher explanations.) while I guided him, we started this in the 4th grade with history and science. I let him read the daily teacher manual and then do the work. He learned to pace himself as well as to follow directions and teach himself. Something that we as adults use daily if not hourly in our lives and it's all part of character training.

This week while home resting has been spent on some Home EC type things (LOL!) getting the house straightened back up from the bachelor pad look. I checked out several DVD's from the library and our church library on science, the human body and space, so that has been a lot of our schooling this week. Relaxing and watching educational videos and then discussing them. While I was in the hospital a Civil War kit came in from the library that we had ordered. So that has been a lot of school work this week too. It comes in a huge suitcase with rolling wheels, there are books, video's, DVD's, lesson plans, and all sorts of things to play with like hard tack, gun powder keg, dishes and many more Civil War era fun things. That has kept DS busy for many hours last week while at Grandpa's and this week while home with me.

Home schooling is such a blessing, it amazes me how many of the kids are willing to read good books (if presented with them), play with educational items (like the Civil War kit) and still have fun without the TV, computer, radio, IPOD, or gaming systems. We must be mindful that these things can sneak in and take over our kids lives and our homes. Be mindful of the influence that media plays in your own life and life of your child. Not all media is bad as we can see from this week: enjoying some educational videos during a time of sickness. But a steady stream of daily intake can take it's toll. Our son never even asked for the password to the computer while I was in the hospital, though he was thrilled to get to check his email when I got home and he had 100's of I had to hear about all the
Vision Forum 'deal of the day' emails that he missed out We love that website and have gotten some really great toys and books from them. We are planning on using the Soldiering Through History Collection (3 DVDs and 3 Study Guides) this winter along with our regular history.

Feel free to share any homeschooling highlights you have had during a time of sickness in your home and how you handled it. As you home educate think long term, instead of from test to test, think about how each day you are imparting learning on your child for the future. A well rounded education is key to a well rounded adult, so books knowledge, love, home ec, sickness, and forgiveness should all be a part of our schooling day. I know that sometimes we get in the TEST mindset, but look at life through Philippians 4:8
"Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Have a wonderful week, slow down and enjoy the true meaning of the holiday season. And to my Jewish brothers and sisters, I praise the Lord that you are His chosen people and I love you!! Happy Hanukkah.