Favorite stocking stuffer & it's FREE!

This is a favorite stocking stuffer in our house. The coupon booklet, click the link and you can design your very own coupon booklet!!  Click on gift certificate (large size) or father's day coupon booklet (smaller size). After that you can pick your holiday theme, then just follow the prompts and pick what you want. I always type in my own ideas for coupons. Our son likes the following ones that I have made up in the past.
GET OUT OF SCHOOL FREE DAY! (get out jail free card basically: we love Monopoly)
Double lesson in any subject (sometimes you just can't put down that history book since you want to know what happens next in history!!)
Lunch out (Pizza Hut book-it or a friend's son like Crazy Bread from Little Caesars)
Lego play day!
Media day with Popcorn (movies or Wii)
Bowling (our local place is $2.50 per game with shoes during the week)
Skip a subject of your choice
Library day (lay around at the library reading all day)
Chore free day-this one is pretty popular........lol

Above is a sample of the coupon booklet that I made this year.
I normally put 2 of each in the pack and they are good until 12/31/12.

This is a fun thing and it's free.......we like free!!

Merry Christmas,