How I spent my day.

I spent the day wrapping Christmas
Yes, I like to get an early start. I shop all year long and get goodies as I see them on sale or if someone comments that they like this or that.
Now off to hide them somewhere.

Got any good holiday gift tips for us?

I like to get things wrapped early and make a list as I go, so I know who I have bought for and what they are getting. That way if I find any extra I can decide if they get the gift this year or next year. Also helps me to keep track of extra things I have on hand for 'service people' that I like to give a little something for the holidays (postman, trash man).

Don't feel bad if you have not done your Christmas shopping yet or even started wrapping gifts yet, because I can almost bet that your Christmas tree will be up and decorated BEFORE mine will. You see, I have to badger my husband into going into the attic to get mine down. He is a firm believer that the tree goes up on Christmas Eve and comes down by New Years Day! LOL.......

I like to start my Christmas preparations early in the season so that I can relax and enjoy the true meaning of the holiday season without driving myself crazy. Remember even now that

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.