During our fall vacation break we traveled for a homeschool field trip and ended up getting a gluten free goodies bag from Hodgson Mill. We were familiar with them from when they use to be located in another state. So we decided to take a tour of the facility. They carry regular gluten items and also have a dedicated GF facility. I did not attend the tour due to the concern about all the flour in the air, one of the other ladies in our tour group is GF because it makes her feel better (also have a DD that has to be GF/CF) told me that she was glad that I did not go in since she said in the one plant you could taste the flour in your mouth (they were making pancake mix the day we were there.)

Front of the bag & products

Back side of the bag

I have a box of their Gluten Free Seasoned Coating Mix 10oz. (good to coat veggies, onion rings,) or a box of Gluten Free Sweet Yellow Cornbread Mix-12oz. or a Hodgson Mills reusable cloth grocery bag (it's huge, a double size of a paper grocery bag). Winners choice.
I just tried their pancake mix today and it was WONDERFUL!! I've used the cookie mix several times and love it too!  The prices on the website even with shipping are cheaper for me than buying at our local Walmart.
I don't get anything from Hodgson Mills for this giveaway, I just have some extra goodies from a gift bag that they gave to each person who took the tour. It was so nice that they gave me one too since I did not tour the plant, I stayed at the front office and chatted with the girls.

Now on to how to enter my giveaway. You must post on my blog and give me a tip to liven up my blog, I'm new at this and not sure what I need to do to make it more flashy  :O)  You may give me up to 5 tips (one per post) for 5 chances to win. Winner will be announced Friday November 11th.