What is for dinner?

 To get the recipe click on the title. If you look around on the site, please be mindful if you need to be GF/CF only look under the username Writermom77. If you are not gluten free then you can look all over the site for yummy recipes from other homepages.

This was really good!!! I think that the GF Worcestershire Sauce really made it tasty!!
I had some surplus canned goods too I did tweak it a bit :O)
Our local grocery had canned veggies on sale last month for .44¢ and I stocked up, so I added
2 cans of corn
2 cans of greenbeans
1 can of sliced mushrooms
1 can of rinsed Cannelli Beans (not sure how to spell those? They are by Progresso)
4 cups GF broth

Three of us ate on it for lunch, my guys loved it so much that I decided to make more right then and there. So I added 4 more cups of GF broth, another tablespoon of GF Worcestershire sauce and another batch of the above veggies & beans. So I have a HUGE pot of yummy soup instead of a stew!

This ended up being a blessing since my Dh informed me that a family from church had a need, so I plan on taking a container of this soup over there with some store bought dinner rolls.