~Fall Break~

We have had a wonderful fall break!! Did some sightseeing and relaxing. Spent a few days at the local Christian radio station helping out with the share-a-thon. Enjoyed visiting with everyone there. Our son had fun talking live on the radio with all the air personalities. He says he wants to be a DJ like his Mother.....LOL. YIKES!!! Not the career of my choice for him!! In the words of my husband "Pray, Pray without ceasing."

As I mention above that quote from my husband, I have been doing some praying and the Lord has been faithful in answering. We have added in water lines to our home construction project and I had been praying about the water heating going out so we could get a new one, as our well water is contaminated, I did not want the new water lines running through the old nasty water heater. But my husband did not see it as much of a problem, so I prayed about it. And the other day my husband came into the bedroom to announce "The water heater is leaking in the basement, I guess we will have to replace it!" LOL.....I laughed out loud and told him I had been praying, he shoots back with "Well you better start praying about how we are going to pay for a new one!"

Fast forward to today, I had been praying about getting an outside water spout for watering our animals and guess what? The contractor/plumber put one in! I grinned really big at my husband and told him I had been praying again!

Have a wonderful week!