Chicken is done! YUM!

Well I thawed out one of our farm fresh chickens from the freezer and baked it today. I added just a touch of salt on the skin and baked for 2 hours at 375 degrees. Store bought chicken is not going to happen in my house again after this!  This meat has FLAVOR! It reminded me of the rich taste of a Butterball, only we did not add anything to these chickens besides water, good quality feed, a few fruits and veggies here & there and lots of love! Here he is.

This was really good, but I think the legs were cut in the wrong spot because they almost touched the top of the Though this breed of chicken is very tall, so that might be why the legs were so long. He was 4lbs 8oz. Pretty good size.  DS kept wanting to tell me the name of the chicken, and I kept saying "I don't want to know!" We each grabbed a fork and dug plates either just forks.

Now when I go out to the chicken tractor I keep seeing fried chickens walking around and even a few with those cute little white chef hats on! lol.......think of the old Looney Tunes cartoons.