Chicken Foot Soup

We finally got the chicken feet out of the freezer and cooked them up. It was a family affair and lots of fun. Well worth it too.
The feet add such a wonderful flavor to the broth.
Here is a link to a great recipe.
Made a batch on Sunday, it was yummy.
After church I walked in the house and said "I smell feet!! Chicken feet that is......."
Click here for the gluten free recipe Chicken Feet Soup.
Then used it to make Jasmine Rice, I took 4 cups of rice, 2 cups water and 2 cups of the very think (like Jell-O) broth and added some parsley to the rice cooker and it was wonderful.
Here are some fun pictures from that experience. As  you can tell I am new to blogging as my pictures are not showing up like they should!
I am peeling skin in this pictures.

A chicken foot up close and personal.

The guys are trimming toe nails (they are clean toe nails too, scrubbed and boiled BEFORE making the soup)

A large pile of feet for the cooking.