My dream homeschooling room.

I love to look at other home educators school rooms to get ideas for our school space.
This one is from Ikea and very COOL! You can see more pictures on Confessions of a homschooler blog at.

Look how neat and orderly this is? WOW!!
Share your space here. I will post a picture of my school area below, we use workboxes.
These are student bins as well as craft bins and storage for flashcards and more.

I could not leave out my favorite home education sign that hangs in the dining room from my friend and fellow homeshooling mom Sue. She gave to me for Christmas one year, as she knows I love snowmen and keep them up year round. I just love this! lol. And yes for all you non homeschoolers out there, we do take snowdays off if we want to. But sometimes the subject matter we are going over is just to exciting to stop for a snowday. But if the local kids are outside playing or come and knock on the door, we do head outside for some playtime.