Life on a chicken ranch

Well my husband finally had time and patience to separate the chickens. So we now have roosters in one area and hens in another. Along with a few that we don't know if they are boys or girls yet. There was lots of commotion, but things have settled down today. And everyone seems happy now. We are hoping for eggs to come in the end of this month or early August.

The above picture is of one of our Wyandotte chickens.
In the coming month we have 4-H, this will be the first year of showing chickens, now we just have to figure out who to show. We had a few in mind but upon closer examination we have some odd balls, one adorable rooster with 5 toes on 1 Another striking Rooster (Rhode Island Red, he is gorgeous!) but his tail is not show quality. And a bunch of Wyandotte, we don't like them because they escape and you cannot catch them! lol. The kids call them "Jail Birds" because they are black & white stripped like the cartoon characters in jail. They are as sweet as can be, but are so sneaky and have huge legs that don't tire easily.